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January 06, 2008

Georgia Drivers Ed

Posted in: Driver Education

On the first day of the year in 2007, Joshua´s Law made requirements for teen drivers a whole lot harder then they were previously. You must now complete a new state approved Georgia Driver ed course for you to obtain a driver´s license before the age of seventeen under this law.

There are a couple options to taking this course. A number of schools are now trying to implement this course into their schools, but several schools still do not offer this class. Many teens are home schooled in the state of Georgia as well. Another wonderful option is to take the Georgia driver education course online.

Georgia Driver Education

Many people may be surprised to know that the Georgia drivers education course online meets the requirements set forth in the new Joshua´s Law. Parents can now enroll their kids into online driver education where they can complete the classroom section of this course in the luxury and comforts of their own living room. This is also a great benefit for kids because they can work at their own pace when doing this class online. They don´t have to feel rushed and they can fully comprehend the curriculum when working at home. Once completing this course online, you will then receive a certificate of completion, which shows that you have passed the state approved Georgia driver education course to the local DDS office.

Georgia Drivers Education Online

Parents must still assist their kid in the behind the wheel section of the course as well. This allows parents to be fully involved in the entire process of their teen learning how to drive. By choosing to take the driver education process this way, you meet all the guidelines set in the new Joshua´s law. If you want to know more information about the state approved Georgia Drivers Education course and Joshua´s law, log onto the Drivers Ed website.

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