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January 06, 2008

Texas Drivers Ed

Posted in: Driver Education

The state of Texas offers a few different options when it comes to teen driver education. One of the most popular options right now, is taking a parent taught (supervised) Online Texas Drivers Ed course.

The online Texas Drivers Ed course, also referred to as Course #107, is state approved by the Department of Public Safety(DPS) and is a great choice to make for both the teen and parent alike. You can either take this course online or via a three disc cd-rom. Either way you allow yourself to do the classroom section of this course in the comforts of your own home, at your own pace. This enables you to better understand all the subject matter. In the state of Texas, you must complete this course in order for you to obtain your license before the age of eighteen. Once you do finish the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion proving you have passed the Texas drivers eduction course.

Texas Driver Education

If this sounds like a good option, this is what you do. Once you turn fifteen, you mail in a form sating that you will be taking the parent taught Texas driver education course. Then you enroll into the online course, which you will then complete a six hour classroom type portion of the class. This allows you to get your learnerĀ“s permit when you complete this section. Then you spend a certain amount of hours behind the wheel with your parent and you complete the online course. For more information, visit the Texas Driver Education website.

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