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January 06, 2008

Florida Drivers Ed - Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness Course

Posted in: Driver Education

Parents can choose to teach their kids the Florida Drivers Ed course in a number of states including Florida. Most parents tend to send their kids off to a state approved Florida driver education class, but for some, this is harder to do then for others.

Many teens live in rural areas of the state, so it is a hassle to try and get to and from a driver education school. Some parents find it easier to just teach their kids the class then to drive miles to get to one. In addition, many parents like to be more involved in the driver education process, so by teaching it themselves, they can.

Florida Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness Course

It is required in the state of Florida that all first time drivers take a Florida D.A.T.A (Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness) course before they can obtain a learner's permit. This four hour long course goes over such things as drugs, alcohol, and traffic safety. This class can be taken online so when a teenager turns fifteen they can apply for a learner's permit.

Florida Driver Education

In addition to taking the D.A.T.A course, you must also pass a written exam before you can receive your learner's permit. Several students have a hard time with this test and many don't pass the first time they take it. It is recommended that both the parent and the teen go to the Driver Education Online website and review the Florida Driver Education course and take the learner's permit preparatory course. This way the parent can help assist their child in any areas they may be having difficulty with. By the time the teen is ready to take all the necessary tests, they will be ready to pass them the first time they take it. Then they can get their learner's permit and begin the behind the wheel training.

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