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January 06, 2008

USB Turntable - Convert those LPs to MP3

Posted in: Gadgets

USB TurntableJust when you thought the days of LPs, albums and 45 records were gone, they've been revived! If you lived through the late 60s and 70s like I did, you probably have a stash of old vintage albums lying around, in a box, stored in the garage.

Now you can convert those old records to MP3 format with the flick of a switch with USB Turntables! My oh my, how the times have changed! Hook up the USB Turntable to the USB port on your laptop or computer, drop in your old favorite album or 45, and start recording to MP3 and revive all those lost audio memories!

I remember the old days, when I finally got a decent turn table, and had to pick up some extra needles so the music was always crisp and clears. Hey, why not take those old Boston, Eagles, Foghat, Motown, Pink Floyd and UFO (remember those guys?) albums out of your old storage box, and relive the memories by converting them to MP3 for your CD Player or iPod? You bought the albums, right? Make a digital backup. Most of these units start at about $100 dollars and you can find some great deals on Ebay. Check out some of these deals:

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