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April 01, 2008

phpBay Pro 2.4 Released

Posted in: phpBay

phpBay Pro 2.5 (minor bug update to 2.4) was released this evening. This version adds support for the new Ebay Partner Network and is a minor release for both the Wordpress Plugin and the API. Registered customers can download the updates. More information is available on the members only forum.

With the successful migration to the Ebay Partner Network, I'll be focusing on the following over the next few weeks:

1) Migrating phpBay Pro product line to it's on domain/site. It has long outgrown a page on a blog.

2) Migration to a new store format.

3) Preparing version 3.0 for release

4) Creating a new product line based upon the Ebay API.

Note: 2.5 release fixed an issue where if the Custom ID had a space in the name, it would not return search results in some cases, and/or, the "buy it now, bid now, add to watchlist" links were not appearing.

If you are looking for an Ebay software script that works with the new Ebay Partner Network (EPN), phpBay Pro is your solution!

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